Summer Suiting by Dugdale Bros.

Summer Suit

Dugdale Bros recently posted an article in The Rake about summer suiting, which is pertinent to the current season of course. Below, is what they have to say – “There’s no mistaking that a perfectly tailored suit is a perpetual style staple all year round, but when the warmer climes of summer descend it can… Read More

Influencers… opinion.

Is the end of the influencer upon us? Of course not. After all, word of mouth and personal recommendations is still THE most INFLUENTIAL marketing tool out there, especially for personal services such as bespoke tailoring. Would you try a new brand because you saw an ad, or because your mate tried it and loved… Read More

J & E in the West End

Next Big Thing

I am pleased to announce that, as a new menswear brand, we now have a permanent presence in the West End of London at Showcase, 12 Lower Regent St, St. James.  This is a concept store that’s home to new, up and coming British brands that are going to be the Next Big Thing!!! Glad… Read More

Executive Style – an opinion

CEO style

It’s true to say that unless you work in the legal or financial sectors, the tailored suit, shirt and tie uniform is no longer as ubiquitous as it once was. BUT, opinions and surveys out there do concur with my opinion that in a business setting your appearance does count, even if you are a… Read More

Formal Wear – A History

Blue Tuxedo

The picture here is of a navy blue dinner suit, with black satin buttons and a lighter blue satin gauntlet cuff, a modern take on the traditional black tuxedo. TAILCOAT Tailcoats are the most formal of all coats, and when you see white tie on an invitation, you’d better have a tailcoat. It originated from… Read More

History of the Suit

Adult Businessman

“A Well-Dressed Gentlemen’s Pocket Guide” by Oscar Lenius, provides an insightful and interesting read on the history of the modern suit ( – it’s actually a great little guide for all things sartorial if you can find it), and so here is a precis of what he has written. MIDDLE AGES “Robe” once referred to… Read More

Common Suit Patterns – Origins

Grey Pinstripe suit

Let’s face it, there is only so much you can do with a man’s suit to keep it up to date, add variation and make it distinctive, in a way that would appeal to everyday guys. The odd tweak in lapel width, jacket length, hem width etc. keeps things contemporary, but patterns and colours remain… Read More

Wedding Suits

Grey 3 piece suit

So, all those Spring/Summer wedding plans finalised? I’m sure the groom’s (and groomsmen’s’) attire has not been forgotten. Inevitably though, a lot of grooms do leave this to the last minute, whilst the bride has had her dress ready for months!! This is not only anecdotal, but is true for a lot of my past… Read More