Wedding Suits

So, all those Spring/Summer wedding plans finalised? I’m sure the groom’s (and groomsmen’s’) attire has not been forgotten. Inevitably though, a lot of grooms do leave this to the last minute, whilst the bride has had her dress ready for months!! This is not only anecdotal, but is true for a lot of my past (and present clients). Naturally, there is a lot of information out there but I thought I would add to that plethora with a SIMPLE guide as to what to consider and eventually decide on for wedding suits. Obviously, my J & E bias will be evident!!!!! And the J & E suggestions are based on real scenarios. 

(Visit J & E Wedding Suits for inspiration)


Q: Is there a colour theme to the wedding? Do you need to match or compliment the bride? Does the location warrant consideration for colour?

A : Shirt/Tie/Pocket square –  in colour theme of wedding if there is one (e.g. pale pink or lavender), or white to play it safe

      Suit – navy or charcoal is always safe, but why not go for a lighter grey or blue for Summer, with accents in lining and/or lapel/cuff stitching

J & E suggestion

Light grey 3 piece suit
Light grey 3pc, with lavender accents


Q: Is this truly a one occasion wear, or would you wear it at other weddings, occasions or work?

A :  Tailcoat or tuxedo, or black, navy (go lighter), charcoal (lighter?) lounge suit 

J & E suggestion

Midnight Blue Tuxedo

J & E suggestion

Location and Season

Q: UK or tropical?

A:   For UK or similar, above will work, but for a tropical destination wedding, go with a lightweight tropical wool cloth, linen or cotton depending on how casual you can go – on the beach, then go linen!!

Winter wedding in the country – a tweed 3 pc, as did my client who went with the wool cashmere houndstooth below.

J & E suggestion

Blue linen jacket
Tropical – Blue linen, with paisley lining and light blue piping
Blue Business Suit
UK – Brighter blue 2pc, here with blue/white gingham shirt
Winter – grey wool & cashmere tweed houndstooth

J & E rule – keep the overall look modern & contemporary!!!! Well, it’s just a suggestion!!!!

This post is a good place to start on your wedding suit journey, but of course the possibilities are endless, so please feel free to get in touch if you are truly stuck.