Best Dressed at The Oscars over the years

Midnight Blue Tuxedo

J & E Oscar tux above….one day I’ll get an invite!!!!

So, obviously I reckon GQ’s list “The Oscars : The Best Dressed Men of All Time” has to be subjective, based on the writer’s tastes and knowledge. The list, in no particular order, is at the end of this post.

I found this article interesting, being a movie fan. Click the link above and see what you think. For me, there are some odd choices, but my favourite is no. 10 Eddie Redmayne, in blue. Sharp fit and radiant colour that’s not a black tux.

Dressing for the Oscars must be quite daunting. One could play it safe and go with a classic tux, but there must be some pressure on the guys to keep up with the ladies here. They have a licence to be as glamorous as possible. With the guys, when they try to go that route, it doesn’t quite work for me, as a stylist to REAL guys (Chadwick Boseman at no.13?)

1)   Clint Eastwood, 1970 Tux

2)   Sammy Davis Jr, 1970 Shiny Jacket

3)   Pharrell Williams, 2014 Tux

4)   Heath Ledger, 2006 Tux

5)   Christian Bale, 2011 Tux

6)   Michael Jackson, 1981 Tux

7)   Sonny Bono, 1973 Tux

8)   Paul McCartney, 1973 White jacket

9)   Joe Namath, 1972 Tux

10) Eddie Redmayne, 2012 Tux

11) Marlon Brando, 1955 Tux

12) Michael B. Jordan 2014 Tux

13) Chadwick Boseman, 2018 Long black coat

14) Robert Redford, 1981 Tux

15) Ryan Gosling, 2017 Tux

16) Daniel Day Lewis 1990 Coat/Tux

17) Michael Caine 1973 Lounge suit

18) Jared Leto 2014 White dinner jacket

19) Jack Nicholson, 1971 Velvet Tux

20) Dennis Hopper, 1970  Cowboy coat