Wedding Suits

At J & E, we take a more modern approach to creating a bespoke wedding suit for that special day. So, we think a lounge or dinner suit, cut and styled in a contemporary way will make the groom stand out in a more sophisticated way. For instance, the midnight blue tuxedo below…’s not black!!

But of course, whatever style you want, you’ll get.


bespoke tuxedo
“If you want to keep it formal, why not be a little different and go for a midnight blue tuxedo?”
Midnight Blue Tuxedo
This look exudes confidence and says you’re not afraid to standout from the crowd just a little – and as a groom why shouldn’t you stand out?
Blue dinner suit
We did this one with lighter blue satin, which makes it a bit more daytime, don’t you think?


Grey 3 piece suit
For a daytime spring or summer wedding, this light grey shade perfectly captures the occasion.
Grey 3 piece suit
In a 3 piece, it makes the look a little more formal, and of course stops your tie from swimming in the soup at the reception!
Grey 3 piece suit
A subtle colour accent to go with the colour theme of the wedding or the bride is always a sophisticated touch. The lavender here definitely says spring.


Paul’s dark blue nail head

Marius’ tropical wedding