JE Interview with Eric Jennings – September 2018


This month, I had a “chat” with Eric Jennings, former men’s fashion director at Saks 5th Ave, New York. He and I seem to be on the same page as far as styling for men’s suits, especially as to what inspires men to wear suits (1960s anyone?) and how they should wear them. Suits in the workplace may not be as ubiquitous as they once were, but as I stroll about Canary Wharf in London, spf (suits per square foot!!!) there must be the highest in London – all navy blue or charcoal grey too, with the odd daring light grey!!!! Bankers still wear them to ink those deals. And of course, let’s not forget our lawyers, who probably make up good proportion of my consistent clients. My opinion is that if you like to wear suits, whether it be for business or work, wedding or other reason, why not get it made to your specific requirements. A slim fit navy suit with a dash of your personality will make an impression on whoever you’re trying to impress, even if it’s just yourself! These days, it can also be a fairly speedy process – if you push us at J&E we could turn one around in a few weeks.

Anyway, let’s here what Eric has to say….

JE : What is your idea of style when it comes to tailored clothing, whether it be off the rack or custom?

Eric : “When it comes to tailored clothing, I’m a big proponent of purchasing custom or made to measure. In menswear, style is all about the perfect fit. So, putting in the time to create a custom fit for your body type is well worth the effort. And contrary to what many men think, the cost of custom or made to measure is really not much more than designer off the rack tailored clothing.” 

JE : We at JQ think the 1960s is the most stylish decade for suit styling, that still resonates in today’s styles. Is there a particular period that you think is particularly relevant, and do you have a favourite?

Eric : “The most iconic era in menswear for me was the late 1950s / early 1960s. The fits and proportions  of tailored clothing then were incredibly flattering. Just look at pictures of Paul Newman, Steve McQueen or Sean Connery from that era. They still look as cool and stylish as ever”  

JE : What do you think the next big trend or influence will be, or has it all been done?

Eric “The next big influence will be in technical and functional fabrics. Think breathable, antimicrobial, heat regulating, wrinkle resistant, with the look and feel of classic natural fibers.”  Hmmm!