Commuter style? A few observations

So, on my way to Canary Wharf today, I couldn’t help but notice…..Wait a minute! Here are the notes I made as I sat on the tube….verbatim: “Broad guy in slim suit – narrow lapels, thighs straining. Don’t do it. Can achieve same look, but one that fits – more room in thigh, but still close, slightly wider lapels. Also… medium blue suit, black shoes, brown socks. Come on dude.”  Excuse my observations, but those were my thoughts as they happened in real time, and I hope nobody is offended in any way. Despite all the headlines, anecdotally a lot of guys still wear suits to work. And I always spot the too long trousers, the too long jacket, trainers with suit or the striped suit jacket with checked trousers from another suit. (Not brave enough to give them a business card, but they can find me online, can’t they?) I also spot the guys who do get it right (in my humble opinion of course). I also play “spot the bespoke”, of which I’m seeing more and more of as bespoke has become a bit more accessible, and men’s shopping patterns and tastes have undoubtedly changed.

Naturally, I do notice such things, and that all kind of ties in with one of the reasons why I started J & E – to help ordinary guys who want to look a little stylish, but do need some help…a bespoke styling service. We MAKE the clothes you want. Above you can see my initial thoughts on how to style the broad guy (one immediate easy fix – WEAR BLUE SOCKS!)

Obviously, commuter style in my world is all about the business suit or the dress down look….And I’m referring to work style in general, rather than practical commuter style for cyclists! So how about this for a SIMPLE wardrobe guide for work – (assuming you all know it needs to fit right, right?)


  •  SUIT – 1 navy, 1 medium grey 
  •  JACKET – 1 navy linen/cotton jacket
  •  SHIRTS – 3 white, 2 light blue 
  •  JEANS – 1 x indigo
  •  SHOES – 1 x black oxford, 1 x medium brown brogue


  •  SUIT – 1 dark navy pinstripe, 1 dark grey check
  •  JACKET – 1 navy linen/cotton jacket
  •  SHIRTS – 2 white, 2 light blue, 1 light blue gingham
  •  JEANS  – 2 x indigo
  •  SHOES – 1 x black oxford, 1 x medium brown brogue


  •  SUIT – 1 light grey 3 pc (with lapels on the waistcoat) Prince of Wales check (a la) Goldfinger suit
  •  JACKET –  1 navy linen/cotton with tonal or contrast elbow patches
  •  SHIRTS – 1 light blue gingham, 1 pink gingham, 1 lilac, 1 mid-blue, 1 bold stripe
  •  JEANS – 1 x indigo, 1 x faded blue
  •  SHOES – 1 x black brogue, 1 x tobacco brogue, 1 x chocolate brown chukka 

CONTEMPORARY STYLING (for average physique – 5″9″, 12 1/2 stone)

  •  SUIT JACKET – close cut, 2 1/2″ lapel, 28 1/2″ jacket length, 7″ side vents, sleevelength to show 1/2″ of shirt cuff, 2 button jacket, 
  •  TROUSERS – close cut, flat front with slight taper to 15″ circumference at hem and slightly lower rise,
  •  SHIRTS – close cut, not too deep collar, and not too wide cuff
  •  JEANS – straight leg, with very slight taper
  •  SHOES – made in England!!!