“Designing” a suit with J & E

As I’ve said before, one reason why I started J & E is because I am quite particular with my suits, and decided that instead of trying to perfect one bought off-the-rack, I’d create my own with my little idiosyncrasies. That’s what we do for clients. Also, working with Hugo Boss and Ralph Lauren gave me a real insight into style and design.

1) Choose your cloth

  • Pattern 
  • Composition : wool, cotton…
  • Weight : light, all-year, heavy
  • Purpose : work, wedding, casual.

2) Choose your lining

  • Full/Half
  • Colour
  • Pattern
  • Piping

3) Choose your features

  • 2pc/3pc
  • Single/Double breasted
  • Button style/number
  • Lapel style 
  • Vent number and depth
  • Colour accent on button holes
  • Cuffs – working, flash lining detail
  • Handstitch detail
  • Shoulder expression 
  • Pocket style
  • Belt loops/side adjusters


4) Choose your style – hipster, contemporary, classic…….

  • Fit – slim, tailored, classic, 1960s!!!
  • Jacket & trouser length
  • Waist suppression 
  • Lapel width
  • Hem width
  • etc…

After all of that work in my pleasant office (or yours), our creation is presented to you for the first time within 6 weeks (closer to 4 tbh) for perfecting…then you’ll have a big smile on your wedding day, just like Paul here in his dark blue nail head!