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Mark Khan

Mark Khan

“I’ve always had an interest in dressing well, even before I got into the business. I remember the navy blue mohair suit my grandfather had made for me when I was 7 or 8. And that was just to go to dinner at the Hilton hotel in London! I also found out more recently that my other grandfather was a master tailor (before he became a preacher!). Working for Hugo Boss  and Ralph Lauren  for 10 years in New York  City as a tailored clothing brand ambassador, and more recently on Savile Row with Jeff Banks, I saw that ordinary guys like myself would like the opportunity to create their own stylish wardrobe, with perhaps some guidance…

Real Modern Style

I have a lot of clients who really appreciate my input into their ready made wardrobe. However, more often than not there is always something missing or that has to be fixed. For me, I can never find a suit jacket that is my preferred length (28″), lapel width (2 1/2″) or vent length (6 1/2″). So I started creating clothes for myself. I’ve worked in the corporate world and I’m an ordinary family man (REAL). I also appreciate dressing well (STYLE), as I know more and more of you do too. But my preferred style is not really traditional Savile Row or fashionista, but more tasteful designer (MODERN)…


So to get really personal and insightful, my favourite style decade is the 1960s, which still seems to inspire today’s styles. The films and tv shows of the period are particularly inspirational, and their modern day reboots make my point I think – Ocean’s 11, Mission Impossible, The Thomas Crown Affair, Man From Uncle, and of course 007. Today’s executives may not need a suit everyday, and tech execs certainly don’t, but you can still look stylish in the right sport jacket, t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. Come and join me in this new bespoke styling concept….”