Working cuff jacket

Included in our pricing are all common customisations AND

  • Working cuffs (if required)
  • Reinforced crotch
  • Trouser grip (to help keep shirt tucked in)
  • Flash cuff (if required)
  • Flower tack
  • More….


Blue pinstripe suit

We use a floating chest piece semi-canvas construction. Full canvas is of course the holy grail but is an expensive process. Because the floating chest piece canvas of cotton and horsehair allows flexibility in the the chest, we achieve that great “hug” (as the “floating” canvas molds to your shape as you wear it). Therefore, a superior fit is achieved.


Grey Suit

Our house cut (if you had no preferences) incorporates

  • soft shoulder expression
  • suppressed waist
  • slightly shorter jacket
  • slimmer sleeve
  • slightly lower rise trouser
  • close to the body cut overall


Slim charcoal grey suit

Whilst we do offer a few wool blends (for choice), the majority of our cloths are all 100% wool or wool blended with mohair, silk or cashmere. Even our Signature range includes super 130’s cloths, which have a great drape.

  • “Super” designation refers to how much the carded yarn has been “stretched” – the higher the designation, the finer the cloth, and the more luxurious it feels. 
  • Wool – has natural stretch, strength and recoverability (tip – hang the trousers by the hem without folding after wear).
  • Some mills we use include Lora Piana, Vitale Barberis Canonico, and Dugdale Bros.


We produce our hand tailored garments ethically in Nepal, using a small family run business with whom we have a personal relationship. All workers are paid a fair wage. The proprietor is a young garment technician with a modern outlook on production whilst the master tailor has over 30 years tailoring experience, and makes suits for the best of Nepalese society. This is a great combination of old and new. Each employee is a specialist – jacket person, trouser person, presser etc. (Pressing at EACH STAGE is key, as that gives a great shape and look).