Huddersfield…the home of British woollen cloth.


…. and what a cheery place it is today. I was up there recently to visit a factory that weaves cloth and manufactures tailored garments from scratch…a tailor’s tailor and weaver if you will. It was great to see a UK factory of looms weaving away (both the warp and weft yarns you know!!!) producing fine quality British cloth for suit makers Read More

Dressing for work……

Grey suit

“Let’s face it, clothing is marketing. Are your clothes attracting or repelling clients?” (Forbes, November 2018). Ignoring the devastating good looks of these two guys above, have you already decided which one you’d rather represent you in a court of law? Or produce your next ad campaign? I believe that a good impression (not necessarily… Read More

“Designing” a suit with J & E

Blue suit

As I’ve said before, one reason why I started J & E is because I am quite particular with my suits, and decided that instead of trying to perfect one bought off-the-rack, I’d create my own with my little idiosyncrasies. That’s what we do for clients. Also, working with Hugo Boss and Ralph Lauren gave… Read More

Commuter style? A few observations

Commuter Style

So, on my way to Canary Wharf today, I couldn’t help but notice…..Wait a minute! Here are the notes I made as I sat on the tube….verbatim: “Broad guy in slim suit – narrow lapels, thighs straining. Don’t do it. Can achieve same look, but one that fits – more room in thigh, but still close,… Read More

Best dressed at Wimbledon


As I gear up to start watching the US Open tennis, I can’t help but notice the difference in how celebrities dress at either event. Even our very own Cliff Richard (“Summer Holiday” was the theme song on my recent holiday, btw – the kids love it) made GQs Best Dressed at Wimbledon this year. Even with… Read More

J & E Client testimonial

I thought I would post this testimonial from Neil, who kind of sums up the J & E experience – not much more I can add, other than this is a picture of Neil in his J & E suit. Love the fine navy pinstripe, with the lapel button-hole accent (we went with the closer… Read More

JE Interview August 2018

Welcome to the first of what we hope to be a regular feature of random subjects, some of which we hope you find fun and interesting.  For our first I thought we’d interview one of our very first clients, who we managed to snag whilst we trolled around Canary Wharf, London. I shall refer to… Read More

J & E – 5 stylish actors

Well, when I say actors, I really mean characters that actors portray, don’t I? Do you think Steve McQueen (above) dressed as “Thomas Crown” off camera? Of course, there are many of these lists, and it is totally subjective, but here at J & E I just wanted to create a list that REAL guys… Read More