Working cuff jacket

Included in our pricing are all common customisations AND

  • Working cuffs (if required)
  • Reinforced crotch
  • Trouser grip (to help keep shirt tucked in)
  • Flash cuff (if required)
  • Flower tack
  • More….


Grey Suit

Our house cut (if you had no preferences) incorporates

  • soft shoulder expression
  • suppressed waist
  • slightly shorter jacket
  • slimmer sleeve
  • slightly lower rise trouser
  • close to the body cut overall


Slim charcoal grey suit

Whilst we do offer a few wool blends (for choice), the majority of our cloths are all 100% wool or wool blended with mohair, silk or cashmere. Even our Signature range includes super 130’s cloths, which have a great drape.

  • “Super” designation refers to how much the carded yarn has been “stretched” – the higher the designation, the finer the cloth, and the more luxurious it feels. 
  • Wool – has natural stretch, strength and recoverability (tip – hang the trousers by the hem without folding after wear).
  • Some mills we use include Lora Piana, Vitale Barberis Canonico, and Dugdale Bros.


We produce our hand tailored garments ethically in Nepal, using a small family run business with whom we have a personal relationship. All workers are paid a fair wage. The proprietor is a young garment technician with a modern outlook on production whilst the master tailor has over 30 years tailoring experience, and makes suits for the best of Nepalese society. This is a great combination of old and new. Each employee is a specialist – jacket person, trouser person, presser etc. (Pressing at EACH STAGE is key, as that gives a great shape and look).